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Franchise Benefits

Franchising uses the capital investment of your franchisees to grow your brand, business and company revenues. It allows your concept to expand to new untapped markets at NO COST TO YOU and much more rapidly!

The good news... for the majority of Business Development Centers clients the investment required to franchise their business is less than the revenue from the sale of their FIRST franchise. Yes that's correct, you most likely will see a 100% return on your investment with only ONE FRANCHISE SALE!

Additional Revenue Sources

Franchising also produces cash flow from multiple revenue streams. BDC can show you how to effectively create substantial revenues from:
  • Substantial Franchise Fees
  • Reoccurring Royalty Fees
  • Reoccurring Advertising & Marketing Administrative Fees
  • Franchise Service Fees
  • Franchisee Training Fees
  • Sales of Products & Supplies
  • Sales of Promotional Items
  • Rebates from Suppliers
Rapid Expansion

In today’s marketplace, the window of opportunity for a new or unique business concept closes very rapidly. Franchising provides you franchisee capital to open multiple units simultaneously, gaining a foothold over would-be competitors that are at this moment looking to duplicate your success.

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