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Operations and Training Manual Development

The BDC team has extensive experience in developing successful franchise operations for a wide variety of businesses. From drafting Franchise Operation & Policies Manuals to assisting clients in determining appropriate franchise policies and procedures, our experienced team provides the guidance and support required to develop a successful franchise operation. The following services are provided individually or as part of a development program, Many of the services are inclusive to our Franchise Essentials Development Program.

Confidential Operation & Policies Manual

One of the keys to a successful franchise operation is a standardized system that franchisees follow to ensure consistency throughout the organization. A Franchise Operation and Policies Manual is one of the most effective methods of conveying policies, procedures, and operating systems to new franchisees. Existing franchisees also benefit from a comprehensive Franchise Manual relative to the ongoing operation of the franchise business. When properly implemented, the manual ensures greater consistency between the independently operated franchise locations. It also saves valuable resources at the corporate level by minimizing the time franchise personnel spend responding to franchisees’ questions.

The Franchise Operation and Policies Manual produced by BDC acts as both a training guide for new franchisees and an operations and policies guide for established franchisees. The FTC permits the manual to be a unilateral extension of the Franchise Agreement. This allows the Franchise Manual to serve as the vehicle through which your company may modify policies, processes, procedures and other nonmaterial aspects of the franchise business. Recognizing that systems change and evolve, the pagination system is specifically designed to allow for easy updating as modifications and enhancements to the system are implemented.

We determine the content and design of the manual through the use of questionnaires, interviews, and onsite visits to view your operation first-hand. The content of the Franchise Manual includes pre- and post-opening information, instructions, policies and procedures. Forms and other materials used in the operation of the franchise are also included. Upon completion of the manual, we provide you with the electronic files for future updates.

Styles Guide

The production of a Styles Guide may be required when compliance with extensive design and layout specifications is mandated. When the specifications and requirements are more basic, this information is usually included in the Franchise Operations and Policies Manual. Information provided in the Styles Guide includes specifications, requirements, costs, ordering policies, and vendor information for items such as carpeting and flooring, wallpaper, paint, wall decorations, ceilings, counters, tables, chairs, display cases and racks, menu boards, windows, entranceways, restrooms, and signage.

Franchise Staffing

BDC will provide recommendations concerning staffing requirements for the franchise operation initially and as the franchise operation grows.

Initial Franchise Training Program

We consult with you to establish the initial training program for franchisees. A training itinerary is produced which outlines the training content, hours devoted to each topic and other related information. Training may be conducted at the corporate office and/or at the franchise business. In addition, we provide assistance in defining and establishing appropriate training requirements for the franchisee’s employees, which are outlined in the Disclosure Document and the manual.

Franchise Communication and Support Programs

We provide recommendations and assistance in establishing appropriate communication and support programs for your franchisees. A major component of successful franchisors, these programs play a key role in maintaining a positive and cohesive franchise organization. Examples include:
  • Advisory Committee
  • Franchisee Advertising Cooperatives
  • Franchise Owners Meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Internet-based Franchise Support Systems
  • Franchisee Incentive Programs
When appropriate, BDC also provides assistance in establishing third-party relationships with companies offering services that support various aspects of your franchise operation.

Franchise Reporting Requirements and Performance Standards

Franchisees are typically required to provide information to the franchisor regarding sales, financial data, income and sales tax returns, and other information specified by the franchisor. We advise you concerning appropriate reporting requirements relative to the franchise business and your operation. In addition, we provide recommendations regarding minimum performance standards, revenues and/or inventory purchasing requirements when appropriate.

Exclusive Territories

Franchisors may grant an "Exclusive Protected Trade Territory" in which to operate the franchise. We advise you concerning the criteria and system to be used to establish exclusive territories. The Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement describe the territory criteria and identify the franchisee’s rights to the territory in the future.

Site and Location Specifications

Franchisors may choose to offer assistance to franchisees relative to selecting a site for the franchise business. Franchisors have the right to dictate the type, style, size and other criteria specific to the franchise location. We consult with you to establish appropriate requirements and criteria for the site selection process. As part of this process, we produce a Site Evaluation Form to be completed by franchisees. If the franchise business is home-based, we assist in determining specifications and requirements for a home office.

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